Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner's Weiner

So...has everyone had enough of the circus that has become Weinerville?  I sure have and today's news that Congressman Weiner is digging his heels in and not resigning is the tip of the iceberg for me. You would think that with a name like Weiner he would at least have had the barest amount of commonsense not to do anything pertaining to his weiner that would eventually lead to commentary on his name.
I tell you, if you ever want a barometer of what we've become as a society, this is it for me. Between Weiner showing his weiner and Arnold having an affair and child with his household staffer here in California and John Edward's affair and child while his wife was dying of cancer...we have truly succumbed to the dredges of immorality. I believe that Bill Clinton's very public scandal while our President started this very immoral precedent of bad behavior. I have however been corrected today by a customer that this type of behavior has been going on since Jefferson.  So is the difference that there was once shame associated with this type of behavior while in public office and now there is not?  Isn't it ironic that Bill Clinton officiated this man's marriage? To do something as scandalous as this on the taxpayers dime and to lie and then cop up the truth when the real dirt hits the fan is just absolutely despicable and arrogant conduct unbecoming of a public official.  Maybe had he of told the truth at the onset and respectfully resigned, I might have been able to scrounge up a little bit of respect and sympathy for this man. Watch all the press conferences from the beginning of this scandal and it's not just that he lied it's how he arrogantly chastised reporters questioning him. These officials get paid by us to do a job of running this country...not sit there and take pictures of their weiners or sleep with the household help much less impregnate them! It speaks of their true nature and for me, you can not separate a person's public life from their personal life.  The person is the same in any capacity they partake of.  They may try to hide what they do in private thinking they have pulled the wool over our eyes but in the end dirt always, always shows up.  Have you ever cleaned your house and  two days later, there is dust or dirt again?  Dirt is never changes and it always always shows up.  This Congressman is a sociopath.   People like this will say or do what ever they need to in order to save their skin no matter who it ends up hurting.  The very worst of sociopaths sometimes resort to very criminal acts to cover up their actions.  These people will very publicly lie and bemoan that they are innocent and usually don't fess up until they have no more choice but to fess up.  Very rarely can these people be re-programed.  It's a sickness.   Just look at his behavior in the last couple of weeks.  He has become a pariah in the Democratic party.  He lied not only to the American Public but he lied to the almighty Obama too. I guess it's okay to lie to us but not to President Obama as indicative of their very public shunning of him this week.  Their reaction should have been very clear and evident the first day this story broke...not after the full monty shot of his junk was released.  The willingness to circle the wagons and protect their own no matter the cost to this country's morality is frightening to me.  Sociopaths like the Congressman have no on or off switch to their behavior..they do what they do with arrogance.  We are not supposed to be angry.  Isn't that the kind of society we are leading where we have no voice...where the government does and says everything for us.  Would he have apologized or fessed up if that picture of his "junk" would not have surfaced? In taking that picture of his weiner he showed the world just what kind of man he truly is.  This man is the lowest of the lowest.  Congressman Weiner is a digital flasher and if not for his status as a Congressman, would have probably already had someone pressing charges against him.My other frustration are the women that stand by men like this.  Again, quite ironically, Congressman Weiner's wife stood by Hillary Clinton when her husband was doing the nasty with Monica Lewinsky.
These women are publicly humiliated but there they are by their man's side.  What does this teach our young women.   I said it then with Hillary's scandal and I'll say it again now...a woman does not stand by her man unless she has political or financial aspirations greater than the men they are standing by.
Even worse than this are the enablers that surround these people.  I am sorry but I was raised to believe that when you aspire to that type of position in life, you are held to a higher moral standard than the average Joe on the street.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not a prude...people make mistakes we are after all only human.  I'm just saying that if you are in that type of position shouldn't you try a little harder to control whatever immoral impulses you have?  One of the craziest things I've heard so far out of this is that he and his wife, in the initial stages of this scandal, met to do damage control and to discuss how they could save what was left of his political career.  When I heard that I was screaming at the radio!
I kept asking myself why she would still stay with him even if she had political aspirations, they had only been married about a year or so prior to all this so there was not too much of an emotional investment there.  The only reason I could think of was that she might possibly be pregnant and what a surprise....I was right.  See, that is about the only emotional string that truly ties us to our men and messes with our critical thinking when it comes to decisions about leaving.  He actually manages to choke up with emotion when he describes his wife in one press conference...describing what a remarkable woman she is...I guess not so remarkable that he could not keep his weiner in it's proper place and wait like any other normal man for his wife to get back from her trips abroad.  What a pig!  A compulsive flasher and liar!  Even now as his resignation is being cried for he stands so arrogantly.  The age of class and respect American politics once had is fast disappearing.  To me it is highly reminiscent of the third world politics I grew up watching as a young woman in the Philippines. And let's not forget the other women involved here...what does their behavior say about them?  They had to have known he was married....heck, Arnold's mistress was pregnant the same time Maria that is low!  Have we all just become so desensitized as a society that we just turn a blind eye to all this type of behavior now?  When are we going to all stand up as a collective body and say enough!  The blackjack woman then goes out in the news and says she's sorry.  Sorry!  You don't think she didn't know about his wife and that her behavior was considered lewd?  I am so sick and tired of these types of women and their justifications or excuses.  At least Arnold's mistress has managed to stay out of the limelight so far....or is Arnold just paying her enough that she can?  What has happened to that conscience chip we were all born with?  Just because someone can think of or do something does not mean they should follow up on the action in their heads.  Sometimes, those thoughts need to stay in the head. When these thoughts begin to leak out and become action, repeated immoral actions...thus begins the life of a sociopath such as Congressman Weiner.  He needs to do this country a favor and step down and step down now.  It's great he's admitted he's hurt people with his actions but let's step up the ante and have him teach our younger generation an important lesson...that bad behavior is NOT rewarded no matter who you matter your educational attainment or social status.  Sure I believe in second chances and forgiveness....I say he can have his second chance in the private sector.  Let's teach the lesson that when we do something wrong...especially something immorally wrong...we have to suffer the consequences of our actions.

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