Friday, June 10, 2011


So far I've managed to start my week off on a strange note...I fell down the stairs yesterday and then about 5 hours later ended up rear ending someone. That someone turned out to be an off duty Sheriff. I must of looked a sight with the scratches on my face. I still await my fate on that one.
I say managed because all of it was completely avoidable. Had I of gone to bed like I was supposed to rather than feed into this insomnia I keep saying I have, I would have been in better shape carrying the hamper down the stairs and probably would have never slipped. Had I not slipped, I would not have been obsessing about how I was feeling which caused me to be distracted and hit the car in front of me. You know you are REALLY out of it when you hit someone when EVERYone is stopped.
Isn't that what is wrong in society today? We are always in a rush...we always try to cram as much as we can into a day, but by doing this we strip a little of ourselves away each day. It's almost like those antiques that lose their 47 that's how I feel I'm losing my patina. I don't want to lose that shine so I push myself more and more each day. Is it just these times we live in that make me feel this way? It seems like I yearn more and more for the simpler years of my youth.

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