Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Insanity In Public Education

Pennsylvania...how does one of your school districts run 20 mil in the red? I am sitting here just tossing that number around in my head and no matter how I chew on it...it's always an obscene number. There is no way that you can blame all of that deficit on the government. I say that they should fire everyone that had anything to do with running the financial aspects of that school district. It would be cheaper than having those same embeciles trying to "fix" the existing problem with more bandaids. Those idiots should be prosecuted for their financial ineptitude. Shame on them all for putting those students in this predicament...
This is a script straight out of "Waiting For Superman". The residents of that school district should demand for accountability and not accept anything less. The fact that it is a poor performing school district does not give me much hope that things will get better anytime soon them.

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